Ip Telephony (voice over ip)

Virtual IP telephony based on the cloud as a unified solution for your telecommunications system

Ip telephony for companies

Welcome to Voicetophone, your global operator for IP telephony and unified communications that will help you provide a unique, efficient, and reliable customer service. Our Ip telephony system offers you much more than simple telephone calls, because we offer an all-in-one service on the same platform, integrating all the necessary elements that allow you to provide an IP telephony service to your company.


What is IP telephony?

IP Telephony is a communications system that uses the IP protocol (Internet protocol) to make calls over the Internet. IP telephony or IP Voice has become the communication technology most used by most companies in the world due to its low cost of implementation and quality of service.

Our IP Telephony services

We provide 3 types of IP telephony services for companies of any size:


DID Numbers

We have coverage in more than 80 countries for virtual numbers or DIDs, as well as simultaneous channels to receive calls with high availability and quality.

Virtual PBX

Also known as Virtual Pbx system and consists of a unified telecommunications solution 100% in the cloud, without limits and easy to install, which can be adapted to the needs of each client.


SIP Trunk

We provide telephone lines for companies with unlimited simultaneous channels for both incoming and outgoing calls with immediate availability and without complications.



Advantages of IP telephony

The advantages of IP telephony in the corporate world are many, however they all point to cost reduction, mobility, and technological tools that facilitate the daily work of agents. Below we highlight some of them:


No facilities

Agents will only need a PC with internet connection to work.


Availability of simultaneous channels in just minutes for sip trunks.

Savings on Bills

60% savings on local and international telephone bills.



Platform with 99.9% stability with high levels of security in the cloud.


Because it is a platform in the cloud, it facilitates the implementation of teleworking.

Global Communication

We provide sip trunks for outgoing and incoming calls from every country in the world.




Take your calls from PCs, Smartphones and Voip devices.

Features at hand

We provide multiple tools that help increase productivity.


Allows integration with different physical devices or telephone plants.

Update your communications system with our IP telephony service


Differences between IP Telephony and traditional telephony

The most important difference between these two technologies is savings. Ip telephony has the advantage of being stored in the cloud and therefore it is not necessary to use cables, nor to install or maintain physical equipment to start it up, which in turn brings benefits such as mobility and productivity that are necessary in today's business world.


Ip Telephony Traditional telephony
It is not necessary to use wiring or physical equipment. The use of cabling and physical equipment such as telephone plants is necessary.
Immediate expansion of simultaneous channels and extensions. The expansion of channels and extensions is very slow, and in some cases the addition of new equipment is required.
Implementation time can be a matter of hours depending on the solution. The implementation time depends on many factors such as the delivery of the trunk by the telephony operator, and it could take several days to implement.
Multiple devices such as PCs, Tablets, Smartphones, and IP phones can be used for its operation. Only analog phones can be used to start its operation.
Integration with third-party functionalities or different devices is possible There is no way to integrate with other solutions because there are no Apis.


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