Virtual number

Acquire your virtual number and receive calls on any device no matter where you find it without internet.

What is a Virtual Number or DID?

A virtual number (also known as a virtual telephone or DID number), are existing or real telephone numbers housed in the cloud that are associated with a voip account, which means that calls can be answered anywhere in the world and can be assigned to any voip device or application for calls, or to divert them with our technology to mobile or fixed devices, without the need of internet. Voicetophone offers you all this and much more thanks to IP telephony.


What are the advantages of using a Virtual Number?

  • Acquire national or international presence and receive your calls from anywhere in the world.
  • Forward all calls that come to your virtual number and answer them on your own landline or mobile number..
  • Create a WhatsApp number for your company or business.
  • Have one or more numbers from different cities around the world and associate them to the sip trunk of your Pbx.
  • Call national or international destinations with the best rates on the market.
  • Answer your calls on multiple devices such as PC, smartphone, tablet, ip or voip adapter.
  • The virtual Ip telephone lines allow incoming calls with a local call price for the caller.
  • Manage incoming calls to add them to a Call center solution, IP PBX or virtual PBX hosted in the cloud.


use virtual number to acquire international presence

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Why is it important to have a virtual number or DID ?

When we need to have a national or international presence and we want to avoid the costs of maintaining physical offices in those places, it is important to obtain a virtual number or DID because it provides local attention to our clients, regardless of whether we answer in a different city or country, helping in great way to direct sale of our products.

It also works on a personal level, for example, if you are located in Venezuela and your family in the USA, then you can acquire a virtual USA number so that your family can call you locally and you will receive your calls from anywhere in the world.


The 4 most important benefits of a virtual number


Own several virtual numbers from different countries, receive calls no matter where you are and on any device, divert calls to your own number, assign welcome messages or voice messages, among many others .... multiply the chance of being contacted , reflecting great benefits for you or your business. All this summarizes the 4 factors that identify a virtual number:


coverage in the world of virtual numbers security for virtual numbers economy achieved by obtaining virtual numbers use of virtual numbers from multiple devices

Global use






Where to receive calls from your virtual number?


The virtual number service (Virtual telephony) is worldwide and therefore you can receive your calls anywhere in the world. Now it is possible to receive and make calls with your virtual number wherever you are with HD quality, taking advantage of the advantages of IP telephony from any device, with or without internet connection:

Using your virtual number with internet

Take advantage of your broadband Internet connection, Wi-Fi, 3G or 4g and receive calls in your virtual number from SMATPHONES and TABLETS through our application for iOS and Android, IP PHONES, LAPTOPS or DESTOP PC (from the web portal) or VOIP Adapters (Ata). No matter where you are, you only need an Internet connection to start receiving calls in your virtual number.

Take advantage of your broadband Internet connection, Wi-Fi, 3G or 4g and receive calls in your virtual number from SMATPHONES and TABLETS through our application for iOS and Android, IP PHONES, LAPTOPS or DESTOP PC (from the web portal) or VOIP Adapters (Ata). No matter where you are, you only need an Internet connection to start receiving calls in your virtual number.

Using your virtual number without internet

If what you need is to answer the calls that arrive to your virtual number directly on your mobile (cellular) or land line, you should only request the CALL FORWARDING service. For this you must have  funds in the voip account that has your virtual number and choose the easiest way to make your detours. Voice to Phone brings to you, plans for unlimited deviations or per minute transferred.

Virtual number + Call forwarding + Minutes


... Or add  virtual Pbx functionalities


add call forwarding and minutes to your virtual number

Make calls from your Virtual Telephone Line


Regardless of whether it is a PC, Ip phone, Smartphone or tablet, you can make calls from your Virtual Telephone Line easily. You just have to choose the right plan or request the number of minutes you need to any destination in the world. Your virtual DID will be wherever you go and will keep you connected without complications through our sip trunk service.

Frequent Questions

Can I test this service?

Yes, you can test our service for several days, and so that you have a real reference to how it works, we give you virtual numbers from the USA and Colombia.

Take into account that the operation and quality of our service will always be the same for all countries, so you can try it on a softphone or even on your switchboard or telephone plant.

Is it necessary to have internet?

No. Calls received on your DID number can be forwarded and answered on any landline or mobile number, and it is not necessary to have internet.However, when you want to receive calls on a softphone for PC or smartphones if necessary, as well as when receiving calls directly on IP phones or ATAS devices.

How to buy a DID number?

Buying one or several DID numbers is very easy and you can do it by following these 6 simple steps:

1) Check the coverage of DID numbers at
2) Check if there are requirements to buy numbers from that country at:
3) Request your account at contact us, or create your account directly at:
4) Already inside the portal of your account, add balance from: Account/Top Up
5) With a balance in your account, enter: Account/Phone numbers
6) Click on ADD, select the country and area where you want it and finally click on SUBMIT to finish.

What coverage does VoiceToPhone have for DID numbers?

We have coverage in more than 80 countries and thousands of cities around the world. Please go to to check coverage.

How many simultaneous calls can I receive?

Regularly each DID number has 2 simultaneity channels.This means that if a number has 2 channels assigned, a third call will go out with a busy tone.Additional channels must be requested from your selling agent.

Can I make calls from my DID number?

If possible, but from the same voip account that is associated with the number, and for this you must add a little balance or credit to be able to make outgoing calls.

When my incoming channels are occupied, can I make calls?

Yes. The outbound channels are independent of the incoming channels.

How much should I pay for a Virtual phone line?

The prices of virtual phone line vary according to the country and their renewal is done automatically from month to month. For this, the voip account must have a balance on the expiration date and thus avoid the cancellation of the number.

Learn about the prices and coverage of this service at:

Can I buy DIDs from different countries?

Yes. You can acquire all the numbers you want, associating them to your voip account and answering them wherever you want. For example, the same voip account can have associated numbers from Chile, Argentina, USA, France, etc.

Can I associate my virtual number to a virtual PBX ?

Yes, you could even have several DID numbers associated with the same telephone exchange.

Remember that the virtual Pbx is an IP Telephony service and therefore the associated virtual numbers can receive calls globally.