Progresive Dialer

Gain Efficiency and Effectiveness with VoiceToPhone's progressive dialer, and not worry about agent availability. Get the quality of interactions between your customers and your agents and reduce the call abandonment rate in your call center.

What is a progressive dialer?

A progressive dialer is an outgoing phone calls system that uses the automatic dialing technique to make calls. Progressive dialing dials the next contact from a previously established list once the agent has finished the immediately previous call. A progressive dialer dials a single number for each available agent, that is, if there are 5 agents available at a given moment, then the progressive dialer will make 5 calls.


How does a Progressive Dialer work?


Progressive dialing makes calls progressively dialing one contact at a time as long as an agent indicates that they are ready or available for the next call. A progressive dialer will allow more control by your agents because it is less automated and ensures that agents are available. The progressive dialer makes many fewer calls than a predictive dialer, but gains in efficiency and reduces the abandon rate because it ensures that customers are contacted by agents, thus eliminating the waiting time between calls. Progressive dialing will allow voicemails to be dropped, and ringing and ringing-no-answer calls to be disconnected at a pre-defined time.

Progressive Dialer: The perfect tool to achieve Efficiency and Security in your Call Center