Cloud Telephony

Telephony in the cloud has become the tool of the future of communications for companies.

Can you imagine having a telephone exchange without the need for expensive equipment or complicated installations?

What is Telephony in the Cloud?

Cloud telephony, also known as IP Telephony, is a system that uses the Internet infrastructure to transmit voice and data calls, taking advantage of the cloud to store and manage business communications. Cloud telephony is a modern and efficient solution that allows companies to make and receive phone calls from any device connected to the Internet, replacing the physical hardware of the companies, thus achieving a reduction in investment costs and increasing profitability because the Expenses caused by updates and maintenance are assumed by the Voip telephony provider.



Advantages of telephony in the Cloud for Companies


Cloud telephony, unlike traditional telephone systems that rely on physical phone lines, uses remote servers and cloud storage to manage communications. This gives companies the ability to take advantage of digitization and constant connectivity. Below we will explore some of these advantages that help improve communication and business performance:


  • Lower Costs: Telephony in the cloud eliminates the need to invest in expensive telecommunications equipment. Companies can use the services of a telephony provider in the cloud and access all the functionalities of a telephone exchange without incurring infrastructure or upgrade costs. In addition, calls made through the cloud are usually cheaper, especially international calls.


  • Zero Maintenance in Telephone Networks: Previously, companies had to implement and maintain 2 networks: the Internet network and the PSTN telephone network (public switched telephone network). With cloud telephony, it is not necessary to pay for additional specialized maintenance services for equipment or facilities, since this system is based on VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).


  • Flexibility and Scalability: One of the main advantages of cloud telephony is its flexibility and scalability. Businesses can easily adapt their system as their needs grow or change. Adding or removing phone lines in the cloud is quick and easy, allowing for efficient communication management at no additional cost. In addition, cloud telephony allows companies to have a centralized communication system, facilitating collaboration between employees and branches.


  • Speed in the delivery of the Service: The implementation of the telephony service in the cloud is much faster and more efficient, without the need to wait for long weeks that are common in traditional telephony. Likewise, the capacity of users, channels, and the acquisition of other tools can be increased or decreased immediately.


  • Mobility and Connectivity: With cloud telephony, employees can access internet calls and messages from anywhere with an internet connection. This means that remote staff, and teams located at other locations can stay connected and productive through virtual pbx extensions regardless of their location. Mobility and constant connectivity are key aspects in an increasingly globalized business world. In addition, cloud telephony allows integration with mobile devices, making it easy to communicate on the go.

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Telephone exchanges in the cloud

Cloud PBXs, also known as Cloud PBXs, are business communication systems that use the Internet infrastructure to manage and direct phone calls. Instead of using physical equipment, these telephone exchanges are hosted on remote servers, which are accessed through the Internet. This allows companies to enjoy all the features of a traditional telephone exchange without having to invest in expensive equipment or worry about its maintenance. If a company has several offices, then they will have a single landline number, so incoming phone calls will be answered from remote extensions using any mobile device, anywhere in the world.



Telephone Calls through the Cloud


Telephone calls through the cloud offer a series of significant benefits compared to traditional telephone systems, where the most outstanding are quality and cost reduction. With Internet calls, companies save up to 80% of the value of the traditional telephone bill. With VoiceToPhone you can save on your local, national or international calls with the highest quality. We provide sip calls and trunks in all countries of the world.

VoicetoPhone is a Global VoIP Telephony provider that provides different high-quality cloud communications services, such as sip trunks, text messaging, virtual numbers, virtual pbx, among others, that will help improve the productivity and sales of your company.

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