Discover the business phone system of the future that will help you manage and scaleyour voice services more effectively.

An all-in-one Phone System for Teams like yours!

VoiceToPhone brings together your company's Call Trunks (incoming and outgoing), SMS, and Contacts in a single environment. Work from anywhere, and on all your devices. We focus on helping you enhance your company's communications by providing you with exceptional service and we make sure to understand your needs and work together to find innovative and effective solutions that help your teams to be more productive. We are ready to help you take your business to the next level!


Migrate to a Cloud phone system


Every day there are more companies that tend to use cloud-based telephony with the main objective of reducing costs and evolving in terms of communications. This technology plays an increasingly important role in companies of all sizes because it manages to boost the workforce with the tools and communication channels necessary to guarantee maximum productivity. Cloud communications make it easy to connect and share information securely from anywhere in the world and from any mobile device, tablet or computer.

migrate to the cloud


Let us design the perfect communications solution for your Business


At Voicetophone, we offer tailor-made telecommunications services and our approach is based on understanding the specific needs of each client, analyzing their current infrastructure and offering customized solutions that fit those needs, taking into account factors such as the available budget, the available technology and future needs. Our team is made up of telecommunications experts who are constantly updated in terms of technology and market trends. Contact us today!!

Let us design to the phone system



Scale your Telephone System in a few minutes


Adding Sip Trunks, Channels, Phone Numbers, Extensions, Branches, Storage, and more to your phone system is faster and simpler than you think. Cloud solutions can easily grow with your business.

Why should you implement a Virtual Telephone system?

Modern work leads us to seek solutions that allow employees to be able to communicate quickly and smoothly. Likewise, a communications and telephone system must gradually adapt to these needs.

A phone system in the cloud offers you what you can't get with a traditional one, for example, the possibility of easily growing your business regardless of place or location, accessibility to your phone system from anywhere with an Internet connection, cost savings in infrastructure, repairs and maintenance. In addition, they usually include functions, complements and customizations that are useful for your business, as well as advanced features of call recording, forwarding, integration with CRM, analytics, among others.

Connect and Centralize your communications on a single platform

Imagine being able to easily manage your company's communications from anywhere with our comprehensive services:

Why choose VoicetoPhone?

  • Installation time: the implementation is achieved in a matter of minutes or hours.
  • Savings: No large investments are required, in addition, calling through Voip is much cheaper than in traditional telephony..
  • Mobility: This telephony users can travel around the world and receive - make calls wherever they are.
  • Virtual Numbers: receive calls in virtual numbers regardless of the country of location.
  • Call forwarding: Some VoIP calls can be forwarded to a particular number or can be sent directly to voicemail or to an email as mp3, using cloud telephony.
  • Free calls: This telephony allows free communication between users of the same network.
  • Availability: by being in the cloud, our services and portals are always available.