Discover the all-in-one cloud phone platform for call management that will help you build lasting relationships with your customers.

Do you need a Cloud Telephony service for your company?

Do not settle for your old phone system. Take advantage of smart telephony and take your communications to the cloud in an easy and simple way It is time to increase productivity and save. The new technologies of voip communications in the cloud offer multiple services and functionalities that allow their users to communicate anywhere in the world and from any mobile device, tablet or computer.

How does Smart Telephony work?


Smart Telephony is commonly known as IP telephony and uses Voip technology to transform voice into digital data packets and convert them into Voip or Voice Ip calls. IP telephony offers highly secure services regardless of location and is an integral part of unified communications of voice, video and data applications, with the benefit of using the same network for transport and interconnection.



Project a corporate image and increase productivity.


The first impression is the most important. The telephone contact with your clients must be efficient and generate the greatest possible security. VoiceToPhone has the most innovative functionalities in terms of communications so that your clients obtain the greatest benefit and take the best image of your company. Thanks to the technologies implemented in the cloud, smart telephony becomes an instrument of productivity and mobility.

Voice to Phone is Flexibility and Reliability

We support the growth of your company quickly and easily according to each need, with flexible plans and without permanency clauses.
We have our own infrastructure located in world-class data centers with great capacity and high levels of security in the cloud with specialized personnel in Ip Voice technologies to provide you with the greatest support.

Services offered by our smart telephony

Voice to phone as an IP telephony provider offers the following services::

Why choose VoicetoPhone?

  • Installation time: the implementation is achieved in a matter of minutes or hours.
  • Savings: No large investments are required, in addition, calling through Voip is much cheaper than in traditional telephony..
  • Mobility: This telephony users can travel around the world and receive - make calls wherever they are.
  • Virtual Numbers: receive calls in virtual numbers regardless of the country of location.
  • Call forwarding: Some VoIP calls can be forwarded to a particular number or can be sent directly to voicemail or to an email as mp3, using cloud telephony.
  • Free calls: This telephony allows free communication between users of the same network.
  • Availability: by being in the cloud, our services and portals are always available.