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Take control of your phone calls and the performance of your Cyber  through Callshop

Callshop: The VoIP solution for phone calls you need in your Cyber.

Each time, there are more telephone or cyber booths that use callshop to make international calls at low cost. The Callshop of "Voice to phone" uses IP telephony to carry out calls, therefore it is a 100% cloud-based software that has a friendly and easy-to-understand web interface, but at the same time safe and reliable to manage your cabin business in the best way.


What is Callshop?


Callshop is a complete and flexible solution for telephone cabins small businesses also known as booths, cybers, or cyber cofee that allows you to manage the costs and profits of international calls online to obtain the maximum performance. Our  callshop billing model works with any type of voip device that we find in the market such as ip or Atas phones (linksys, grandstream, etc.), as well as with mobile softphones or desktop PCs, which finally represent the cabins of a callshop account.



Callshop features


  • Allows the display of the callshop from PCs, tablets or Smartphones.
  • It allows the use of total administration and creation of callshop operator accounts with restricted privileges.
  • Flexibility for managing the final customer's fees by the administrator.Visualization of calls in real time.
  • Call history and payments by specific dates.
  • The sip accounts of the booths can be configured on any Voip device or softphone.
  • Real-time earnings record.
  • It has an invoice generator.



Create admin users for your  callshop 


Through the callshop web portal you can delegate administrative functions to other voip feeder users so that each one can keep track of their sales by work shifts independently. This voip feeder has two types of accounts:

  • Administrator Account: is the owner's main account and allows full access to the callshop web portal.
  • Operator Account: the callshop administrator can create several operator accounts for their employees. Each operator account will have its own access code and may associate the transactions independently.



Create the rates you want for your callshop

Create and modify the rates to your liking from the administrator of your Callshop. This option is available from the main menu in "Prices". Before adding or changing the rates, you must select a Tariff or Cabin and finish with the Apply button. It is also possible to add new prefixes by clicking on the blue icon (+) and filling in the prefix. Existing prefixes or rates can be modified using the blue pencil icon or remove




Callshop cabins


Observe, simultaneously and in real time, the duration of all the calls in each one of the cabins of your voip callshop. Each call must be cashed in the respective booth by clicking on the "Charge" button to complete the transaction and be erased on the callshop cabin monitor. In this way, the total sales will be updated at all times.



Call history


Check the detailed and precise information of each call from your  callshop . From the main menu you will find the options to filter all calls for days, weeks, months etc, or customized dates and automatically the system will also show the reports of costs, sales and utilities of those dates.

Get your Callshop in the cloud!

Make international calls at very low prices and discover how easy it is to control your business with Callshop


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